IRDG - Intellectual Property in your Business

On 8th March, our Intellectual Property in your Business seminar will help you improve your IP knowhow, get your IP act together and understand the incentives to develop IP.

Designed for business leaders, finance or research and innovation leaders who are responsible for making the most of the company’s innovative potential, this seminar will provide expert advice and guidance on the following topics:

  • Understanding Intellectual Property
  • Managing Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property Rights and Research Collaboration
  • Financial and Taxation Incentives to Develop Intellectual Property
  • Case Study: how companies are using IP to reach their business goals
  • Case Study: making industry-academic collaboration work


09:00 – Welcome & Overview – Denis Hayes, Managing Director, IRDG

Understanding & Managing IP

09:20 – What is Intellectual Property – Concept of IP/Form of IP/What can be protected – Cathal Lane, Managing Partner, Tomkins IP

09:45 – IP Management: A Practical Guide – Lifecycle of an IP asset/management considerations at each stage/templates or tools – John McManus, IP Specialist

10:15 – Using IP to grow the business – A case study on using IP strategically as the link between research and the market – Joe Hogan, Founder & CTO, Openet

10:30 – Intellectual Property Case Study – Aerogen

10:50 – Panel discussion & Audience Q&A

11:05 – Tea, Coffee and Networking Break

Incentives to Develop IP

11:40 – Tax Incentives for Intellectual Property – KPMG

12:00 – Certification of Invention Scheme – Gerard Barrett, Patents Controller, Patents Office

12:10 – IP Strategy Support – An overview of the new support scheme – Joe Doyle, Intellectual Property Manager, Enterprise Ireland

IP Rights and Research Collaboration

12:25 – Role of IP in Connecting Business with Research – Alison Campbell, Director at Knowledge Transfer Ireland (KTI)

12:45 – Critical Success Factors for Industry-Academic Collaboration – Audrey Crosbie, Industry Liaison Manager, Trinity Research & Innovation

13:05 – Panel discussion & Audience Q&A

13:30 – Lunch Break

14:00 – Close

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