IRDG - Funding & Collaboration

IRDG - Funding & Collaboration

Irish companies have at their disposal a wide variety of funding programmes, alongside the tax incentives, to support Research, Development & Innovation. The challenge for businesses however, whether indigenous or multinational, is being up to date and navigating the extensive array of financing options so as to get the best fit. Equally challenging can be finding suitable collaborative partners, not least when they are geographically dispersed and have such a diverse range of expertise.

In 2018, IRDG is hosting a new format event, which will bring all the key players involved in supporting and funding business innovation into the one room.

• There will be a focus on the supports around in-house activity, programmes to suit collaborative research, and also finance / research programmes from sources such as Horizon 2020 and other international partners.

• Panel discussions featuring a combination of industry, state agencies and third level research representatives will enable a robust Q&A and discussion on the different options available. 

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