DIT Hothouse

Strategic Inbound Marketing Strategy 


DIT Hothouse devised a new initiative to implement a strategic inbound marketing strategy with impressive results.

Historically, DIT Hothouse had adopted an outbound marketing strategy – making contacts at networking events and using databases to cold-call leads. As a number of different marketing tools were used it was impossible to evaluate or nurture leads in an organised way. The team examined the levers that would pull industry to working with DIT and, in 2017, introduced a strategic inbound marketing strategy with a new CRM system at its core. Results from restructuring marketing around the client's journey exceeded the team’s expectations, driving additional prospects and revenue. Visibility of the DIT offer increased. Direct traffic to the website increased by 15% and traffic from social media to the website by 42%. Twitter followers were up 113%. 22% of all Knowledge Transfer Office mentions on Twitter for 2017 were for DIT Hothouse. There was a significant increase in deal flow e.g. the number of Innovation Vouchers increased by 500%, 9 Research Agreements were signed and two licences executed. The adoption of the new marketing strategy received senior management buy-in early on and this has been key to its success. DIT Hothouse has now adopted a holistic approach to its marketing with the whole team involved in inbound marketing tactics.


Underpinning funding sources include:  Enterprise Ireland