Dublin City University for machine learning software licence to Iconic Translation Machines Ltd

Iconic Translation Machines Ltd. is a language technology software company providing solutions to language service providers, multinational corporations, and government institutions across Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.

The software allows organisations to translate more content in less time, cost effectively. Founded in 2013 as a spin-out from DCU, exclusive access to DCU’s software has been pivotal to Iconic’s success. A number of successful products have been launched as result of the licence granted by DCU to Iconic. They include Machine Translation services as well as advanced E discovery translation service for the legal industry. The world’s first Patent specific translator (IP Translator) was launched by the company based on the licence. In 2017, Iconic launched a new enterprise product to allow companies to automatically translate their customer support documentation in multiple languages and a new translation product to support legal e-discovery cases involving foreign languages. The original technology arose from research and development funded SFI, Enterprise Ireland and EU FP7.  Raising seed funding of €405k in 2015, the company has grown to 14 employees and is now profitable. Iconic has a continuing research collaboration relationship with DCU and the SFI Adapt centre. The TTO, ​DCU ​Invent, led commercial negotiations and supported the IP strategy including ensuring that the IP could be licensed cleanly. It also helped with the commercial justification to secure grant funding for the early technology development within the university.


Underpinning funding sources include:  Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, EU FP7

TTO/ILO Support:  Intellectual Property Strategy & Management, Licensing, Funding Advice