NUI Galway and NVP Energy

Academic Founder: Professor Vincent O’Flaherty


NVP Energy has changed wastewater treatment from a process which traditionally expends large amounts of energy, to a process which produces usable energy.

Through its ground-breaking technology, licensed from NUIG, NVP Energy drives down costs and reduces the carbon footprint of its customers. NVP Energy’s technology exploits the natural action of anaerobic bacteria which convert the organic pollutants present in wastewater to high-quality biogas. The technology’s ability to harness nature’s powerful natural processes means it can work at low temperatures and needs no external heat. Since its founding in 2013, the company have secured over €12 million in funding and investment. An outstanding 2017 has seen NVP Energy secure UK-based projects with Heineken and projects with a malting site and a municipal treatment utility in 2018. The company’s head office is in Galway with additional offices in Dublin and the UK. The rapid growth of the company has seen the NVP Energy team grown to 12 people in 2017 with plans for further growth in 2018. The company has won numerous awards since its formation with a further three in 2017: Irish Times Innovation Awards; the “Best Food & Drink Industry AD Project” at the AD & Biogas Industry Awards and the “Best Technology Innovation Award” at the BlueTech Forum. The NUIG TTO worked with the researchers to develop the business proposition and to protect and license the intellectual property to the company. Support for patent prosecution has continued leading to a successful US patent grant in 2017.


Underpinning funding sources include:  Science Foundation Ireland, Irish Research Council, Horizon 2020, Environmental Protection Agency, European Union

TTO Support: Company formation, Intellectual Property Strategy & Management, Licensing