NUI Galway for management information software and copyright licence to Qpercom

Qpercom has become a global leader in providing advanced assessment solutions and expertise to institutions worldwide.

Its software solutions are used in high stakes evaluation-based exams, such those of medicine and law, and in other scenarios where assessing a person’s capabilities in a fair and accurate manner is paramount.  Qpercom claims 70% reduction in administration time and elimination of human error by taking out the laborious paper trail. A 2008 spin-out from NUIG, Qpercom took a licence to copyright-protected material and know-how relating to Management Information Systems (MIS) technology and in 2017 launched a new product to market, Qpercom Entrust, based on this licence. It is an Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) management software tool across mobile and web-based platform and was created and rolled out in the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland (CAI). An EPA is a key task of a discipline that an individual can be trusted to perform in a given health care context, once sufficient competence has been demonstrated. Until the new software tool was launched, EPAs were paper-based and inaccessible to educationalists, registrars and consultants. The product was nominated for three national awards in 2017. The product is now being developed for international markets and the team has grown to eight. The TTO at NUIG led the licence negotiation and has been pro-active in supporting from early days of technology development through to housing the company in the university incubator facility.


Underpinning funding sources include:  Enterprise Ireland

TTO Support:  Licensing; Relationship Management