University College Dublin & Trinity College Dublin for Genetic testing patent licence to Plusvital Limited

Plusvital is a recognised leader in equine science growing out of Ireland’s world-famous racing and sport horse traditions.

Plusvital services and products include tests which analyse the DNA of the horse to predict optimum performance potential. Clients include leading trainers, owner and breeders in the major Thoroughbred regions around the world. CoQ10 is the key nutrient associated with energy generation and is essential for stamina in thoroughbred horses. A multidisciplinary research collaboration with UCD and TCD led to the discovery that CoQ10 production in equine muscle cells is impacted by genetic background. A UCD-TCD patent application was filed and UCD led the licensing of the IP to Plusvital in 2017. A significant innovative development for the equine nutrition industry, the technology is now sold as “EnerGene-Q10”, the world’s first nutrigenomic supplement for horses that contains the CoQ10. Initial sales have been successful and include a significant number of sales to leading racehorse trainers in Ireland, the UK and to suppliers in Australia, Mongolia and UAE. Top trainers from these areas are already trialling the product and have been impressed by the depth of research and science behind the product, noting that it is superior to competitors. The company predicts that it will need to increase its manufacturing base in rural Westmeath and will require additional R&D and salesforce staff. The relationship with the universities has been strengthened through an EI Innovation Partnership project with the company in 2017. UCD TTO with the assistance of TCD TTO provided support through patent protection, management of inter-institutional IP arrangements and licensing. 


Underpinning funding sources include:  Science Foundation Ireland

TTO/ILO Support:  Intellectual Property Strategy & Management, Licensing, Relationship Management