Workshop on AI for Technology Transfer

Date: 04 April 2023

Recently the Technology Transfer (TT) issue is becoming more and more relevant for business economies and strategic for the development of countries. TT refers to the transformation process which, starting from the results of scientific and technological research, produces solutions ready for the market and society, together with the associated skills and procedures. TT is therefore a fundamental part of the technological innovation process which involves several activities.

Unfortunately, the very rapid evolution of scientific and technological research produces an impressive number of results with great speed, which the traditional TT process is not able to process adequately. In order to exploit the enormous potential of results made available recently by scientific and technological research, a more effective and efficient TT is necessary.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer a great potential to optimizing TT processes with respect to different domains and specific application needs.

This workshop aims to foster the most advanced research on innovative techniques and intelligent systems for TT, based on the use of data-driven along with AI/ML approaches.

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