ADAPT - Centre for Digital Content Technology

Prof. Vincent Wade
Centre Director
Tel: +353 (0)1 896 1797

The Centre for Digital Content Technology (ADAPT) is Ireland's global centre of excellence for digital content and media innovation. ADAPT’s cutting-edge technologies enable businesses in all sectors to harness global digital content and media technologies to achieve unprecedented engagement among customers, companies and communities.

Dynamic digital content interactions are to key to valuable customer engagement and enhanced global reach and revenue. ADAPT innovations can help you to analyse, personalise and deliver content more effectively to drive business in the digital age. ADAPT partners are developing ground-breaking technologies to turn the enormous volume of content into digital revenues be enabling unprecedented levels of global engagement between organisations and customers using world-leading research. ADAPT works with leading enterprises across industry sectors, including: CISCO and Intel to ensure consistent brand voice across global communications; Symantec to identify future online community leaders; and, Xanadu to deliver personalised content for targeted customers segments. We also work with enterprises such as: Welocalize to enhance translation productivity; and, Microsoft to detect offensive content in social media. By enabling deeper customer engagement, ADAPT enhances efficiencies and global reach for industry partners in key priority sectors in Ireland, including ICT, localisation, financial services, eCommerce, media, entertainment and games, life sciences, digital culture and humanities, and eLearning/education.

Research areas:

  • Analysing media, content and customer interactions
  • Enabling global reach via innovative machine translation
  • Transforming and delivering personalised content
  • Extracting actionable knowledge from all forms of digital content and user interactions
  • Empowering innovative customer engagement and interaction across multimodal media

Research performed by:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Dublin City University
  • University College Dublin
  • Dublin Institute of Technology