8 West - UCC

8 West is a software development and business consultancy based in Cork. The company sought to re-purpose existing technology to build a Covid-19 early warning system for frontline workers. To do this the company worked with a team that included Sony, Cambridge Wireless, researchers from UCC’s ASSERT Centre, medical researchers and emergency medical clinicians. The research gave rise to a quarantine management platform that allows remote identification of healthcare staff who may be developing a temperature that may be an early sign of Covid-19 and therefore should not present for work. 8 West is currently working on a European roll out of the technology and looking at global adoption by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd which will bring the technology in the consumer wearables sector.


“This extremely important and urgent project was a high-profile test of the agility and responsiveness of the newly established UCC Consultancy team. By delivering comprehensively, the team has made a significant contribution to the success of the relationship with 8 West and to the growing positive reputation of UCC Innovation.” CEO of 8 West – John Murphy

Published: 2021

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