Alcon - MTU Cork Campus

Alcon is the world’s largest ophthalmic company specialising in innovative, life-changing vision and eye care. The company sought to improve the manufacturing line process for an instrument called the IOL nozzle injector and worked with the Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateway CAPPA, based at MTU, to develop a new, early-automated software system that can predict the quality of products and remove reject injectors. The underpinning software was licensed to Alcon and meant significant improvements in manufacture and production line-testing for the company. It also provided valuable new information on company products and manufacturing process. This was the first time Alcon developed a process improvement outside of the US and Alcon Ireland is now seeking approval to deploy a second system at the Cork plant for use on another production line. Alcon and MTU are currently reviewing options for a follow-on process improvement project.


“All aspects of the project went well with great collaboration and communication between the teams… The project management was excellent, negotiation of the licence was very smooth and was concluded in good time. The technology will make a huge difference [and] has further cemented the already strong relationship between Alcon and CAPPA, which will no doubt lead to more collaboration in the future.” MS&T Tech Transfer Lead/ Chief Scientific Officer – Barry Walsh

Published: 2021

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