EJ Access - UL

EJ is the global leader in the design and manufacture of infrastructure access solutions which include covers and frames for water, sewer, drainage and telecommunications distributed to over 140 countries. The company was a founding member of iComp, the Irish Composites Centre at UL and have been active as board members and collaborators. In 2012, EJ began a research project under an EI Innovation Partnership with iComp to develop an access cover made from composite materials that could replace existing covers made from cast iron in certain applications. The project repurposed existing aerospace technology to deliver a full development cycle from concept to production and included market analysis, selection of polymer and fibre, computer-aided design and simulation as well as manufacture and testing. The project has resulted in a novel production process and new lightweight, superior product that performs better, has an extended product lifetime and is more cost-efficient to transport. EJ continues close relations with UL and is in discussion with them on future opportunities.


“Our projects with iComp have provided us with access to knowledge and expertise which has helped EJ in Ireland become the centre for composite product development and supply to our European customer base.” EJ Composite Product Manager – Dr Vincent Cooper

Published: 2021

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