IlluminAI - UCD

IlluminAI designs and manufactures human-centric lighting technologies that promote cognitive capacity and wellness by assisting the natural circadian rhythm. Active since 2017, the company was founded in August 2020 by two architects based on technology arising from their research at UCD. IlluminAI recently obtained CSF funding from Enterprise Ireland and is about to launch a crowd funding initiative to raise finance for the manufacture of its devices – currently the prototype is a desk based device for the individual consumer with plans to develop a wall-mounted version for use across the hospitality sector, medical centres and hospitals and other workplaces.


“The TTO at Nova guided us throughout the process [and] helped with drafting the commercialisation fund, managing our IP and the licence and shareholder agreement for the company. The Bootcamp and VentureLaunch programmes [run by the TTO] helped us to focus on our market and business strategy.” Co-Founder IlluminAI – Mortenza Matkan

Published: 2021

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