Intel - Trinity College Dublin

Multi-faceted and Multi-impact: Intel and Trinity College Dublin

Intel is one of Ireland’s largest employers. The fact that for 25 years it has proactively been developing the research and innovation footprint of its operation in Ireland through links with academic institutions also makes it one of Ireland’s most enlightened employers.

Trinity value-add

Intel’s earliest engagement with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) was enabled by a connection with its many graduates at the company, with training being offered in semiconductor processing by TCD and Intel sponsoring undergraduate scholarships at TCD. However the partnership with TCD soon developed into a multi-faceted engagement and has contributed to many of the recent innovation successes for Intel Ireland.

In collaboration

An example of just one of their collaborations is with CRANN (the Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices), which began in 2006. In collaboration with University College Cork, CRANN works at the frontiers of nano and materials science. CRANN develops new knowledge of nanoscale materials, with a particular focus on new device and sensor technologies for the ICT, biotechnology and medical technology sectors, and has a growing interest in energy related research. It is industry focused and Intel has been a repeat and ongoing client of CRANN, coming to the team there with real challenges concerning the miniaturisation of semiconductors and enjoying productive collaborations with the CRANN researchers in addressing these challenges.

“The research in centres like CRANN, CTVR, and CNGL directly map onto the challenges our business faces today and into the future, providing new ideas and breakthrough learning which support our competitiveness. Importantly these centres also provide the high quality graduates we need to sustain and grow our business within Ireland.” Leonard Hobbs, Research Director at Intel Ireland.

Repeat business

And Intel keeps coming back for more. They are the Science Gallery’s Education Partner, providing regular sponsorship and content contributions to exhibitions and talks; transferring new technology though licence or acquisition (e.g. the TCD spin out Havok); seeding of new leading-edge research areas within Ireland like nanoscience; senior Intel management sitting on various institute boards across the College; and most importantly through TCD’s provision of high quality graduates to support the growth of Intel in Ireland.

The quality of TCD’s capabilities and the ease of doing business with industry continues to deepen the partnership with Intel.

“The breadth and depth of our collaborations with TCD continue to grow and we look forward to many more years of joint exploration and breakthrough innovations.” Leonard Hobbs, Research Director at Intel Ireland.

Publish date: 2014

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