MyGug, Grian Water Ltd - LYIT

Grian Water Ltd has developed MyGug, a micro-scale anaerobic digester for the treatment of water. It operates by turning organic matter into renewable fuel, including cooked and uncooked food waste as well as all types of liquid and semi liquid waste. There are two byproducts from MyGug – bio gas for cooking and liquid fertiliser. MyGug can be integrated into domestic/small business settings and operates in all weather conditions. In 2020, the company approached WiSAR at Letterkenny IT to develop a new prototype that would include a more cost-effective microcontroller that would include wireless technology and monitor the product’s performance. A new prototype was developed and will be installed in domestic applications for longer term testing. There are plans to apply for additional funding for further refinement of the product and development of a compatible mobile phone app.


“Our collaboration with the WiSAR Technology Gateway enabled us to refine and advance our MyGug prototype through a specialised research centre, resulting in a more cost-efficient product with connectivity feature thus increase our value proposition and competitiveness.” CTO at Grian Water Ltd – Kieran Coffey

Published: 2021

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