Ocumetra - TU Dublin

Ocumetra Ltd delivers personalised myopia care solutions and vital decision support to practitioners through its pioneering monitoring tool, Refractogram, that can distinguish between normal and abnormal (myopic) eye growth. The company spun out on technology that was developed at the Centre for Eye Research Ireland (CERI) based at TU Dublin. A prototype of the Refractogram monitoring tool has already been developed and the company achieved Enterprise Ireland HPSU status at the end of 2020 – just 6 months after foundation – and leading multinational healthcare companies are now contracting Ocumetra Ltd to develop customised products to suit their business needs.


“The link with TU Dublin and CERI is vital for the success of Ocumetra. The technology and profile that comes from the link has helped with investment and customer acquisition. [The TTO] helped throughout the spin-out process and took early action in filing crucial patent on which the technology is founded.”

Published: 2021

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