PMS Pavement Management Services LTD - MU

PMS Pavement Management Services is a civil engineering consultancy firm specialising in testing, evaluation and management of roads, airports and ports. With a history of collaborating with Maynooth University, the company engaged on a LERO-led SFI funding spoke programme on driverless, autonomous vehicles in the development of a cloud-based AI platform for classification of road surface images to identify possible surface defects. The project has delivered initial technologies, techniques and methodologies that have positioned the company for new product development. PMS Pavement Management Solutions is building on this research having acquired additional funding for a follow on project to develop the initial findings and build a longer term strategic partnership with the university.


“The strong relationship with Prof McCarthy and his team of expert researchers at MU keeps PMS coming back, a partnership built on an ability to collaborate effectively on focused, applied solutions to challenging problems. The net outcome of this partnership is that PMS now plant to introduce AI/Machine Learning into several other road network data processing and give the company an extra edge when competitive for contracts internationally.” MD at PMS Pavement Management Services 0 Dr Kieran Feighan

Published: 2021

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