Teagasc & Independent Milk Laboratories (IML), FBA Laboratories, Kerry Group (Agribusiness)

Between 2020 and 2022 Independent Milk Laboratories, FBA Laboratories and Kerry Group (Agribusiness) together consulted with Teagasc in relation to specialist testing for chlorate residues.

These residues present potential health concerns for infants, that could have a negative bearing on Irish infant formula exports currently worth €1 billion annually. As the sole Irish provider of accredited chlorate testing, Teagasc worked with the companies to establish new analytical laboratories and provided bespoke training to staff in operation of equipment, test methods and data analysis has resulted in significant increased testing capacity for Kerry Group, FBA and IML with the two latter companies having collectively tested 800,000 samples and exceeded €1m revenue. Eight new jobs have been created as a result of the project and the consultancy has resulted in further collaboration with Teagasc. It has also set a precedent for Teagasc to develop specialised analytical tests for other Irish food processors that will provide revenues back to Teagasc that can be reinvested into R&D activities.

The TTO at Teagasc supported the capture and management of IP relating to the project. The office also ensured that licensing and consultancy negotiations were built on clear communication and trust amongst all partners which led to smooth running of the project.

Published: 2022

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