YaKult UK and Ireland Ltd - UCC

Yakult is an 85 year old company, world famous for its probiotic drinks and its commitment to science underpinning its product. In 2021, Yakult approached APC Microbiome Institute at UCC, seeking expert advice on content development for a new consumer guide on gut-brain axis that it wished to produce. With the support of UCC Consulting at the university’s Innovation Office, the team at APC Microbiome Institute negotiated a contract with Yakult and engaged with the company on a piece of consultancy.

The consultancy gave rise to a Gut-Brain Guide that is published on the Yakult website for the UK and Ireland. The guide provides consumer appropriate content to help people understand the relationship between microbes in the intestine and how that impacts on brain function. The APC Microbiome Institute is specifically mentioned in the guide as the content source.


“Having the support of UCC Consulting was instrumental to building this relationship with Yakult. Their expertise in defining the work involved and capturing true value of my engagement with Yakult was key during the contract negotiation and to the overall success of the project.” - Dr Gerard Clarke, Dept. Psychiatry at University College Cork

Published: 2022

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