Creating an Environment for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in University Research & Tech Transfer

To address the realities of systemic racial, gender, and cultural inequities in higher education, many universities are actively striving to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion within their institutions - not only for their student population, but also in their research and commercialisation activity. But what strategies or programs will best help them achieve this goal?

The University of Utah may not be the first school that comes to mind. But it is a leading voice in the movement toward full representation, having established its EDI division to nurture a safe and inclusive environment while instilling the same values throughout the research and commercialization ecosystem within - and surrounding - the university.

The EDI division’s leaders, experts and educators partner with all colleges, departments and the broader community to help develop initiatives aimed at fostering more awareness, advocacy, and action to address systemic inequities. This involves many thoughtful, meaningful and often difficult conversations focused on building a commitment to cultural transformation in practice, policy, and processes.

Tech Transfer Central's Distance Learning Division has teamed up with the leadership of the University of Utah’s EDI division to bring you this thought-provoking webinar. 

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