Emerging Technologies in Irish Aquaculture

Time: 1:00PM - 2:00PM

The event, Emerging technologies in Irish aquaculture, will be live streamed on Zoom on 27 July from 1 to 2pm GMT +1. Moderated by Richard Donnelly, BIM’s innovation and development manager, the webinar will include four of Ireland’s most dynamic aquaculture entrepreneurs and discuss how Ireland is building towards its ambition of being “the Silicon Valley” of aquaculture.

The panel discussion will showcase the cross-sector skillsets that give Ireland’s blue startups an edge as they grow their businesses. This cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise is allowing Ireland’s aquaculture sector to expand beyond primary production and develop industry-leading technologies that could revolutionise the global blue economy.

Richard Donnelly will interview four panellists who made their mark in the aquatech sector, from Ronan Loftus, founder of DNA traceability firm IdentiGEN, to genetics expert Ashie Norris of Mowi Genetics. Donnelly will also interview entrepreneurs who began their career in other sectors but found their niche in the aquaculture sector like Kate Dempsey of Aqualicense and Brian Quinn, CEO of Wellfish Diagnostics.

In collaboration with HATCH, BIM will also be hosting an innovative aquaculture workshop from 11th - 22nd of October in the RDI Hub, Co. Kerry. The workshop will focus on the development of early-stage technology concepts & ideas, helping participants turn their projects into start-ups and how to sustainably and profitably scale up.