KTI Model Part Funded Collaborative Research Agreement

The agreement is for use for collaborative research between an research performi...

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COVID-19 Non Exclusive Royalty-Free (NERF) Licence Agreement

This simple two page agreement makes COVID-19 related intellectual property easi...

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KTI Model Option to Licence Agreement to a Spin-out Company

An option to take a licence to IP to certain milestones, such as successful fund...

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Model Confirmatory Assignment front page preview

Model Confirmatory Assignment

Confirmation of the assignment of intellectual property from an individual to the research performing organisation.

Model Patent Assignment front page preview

Model Patent Assignment

Designed for use where the only intellectual property being assigned by the research performing organisation to a third party is patents and/or patent applications.

Model IP Assignment front page preview

Model IP Assignment

A general assignment of intellectual property (IP) with optional provisions for the assignment of patents, copyright and other types of IP.