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November 2021 - Harnessing R&D Supports in the Marine Sector

The activity in the Irish marine sector is vital for the advancement of Irish sustainable renewables. Undergoing R&D is particularly important for the constant improvement of marine technologies for offshore deployment.

October 2021 - Accessing Digitalisation Supports for Irish Enterprises

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of Irish organisations undergoing digital transformation to digitise their assets, reduce overall costs and improve operational efficiency.

September 2021 - Developing Strategic Alliances between Irish SMEs & MNCs

Technology centres play an important role in facilitating collaborative partnerships between Irish SMEs and MNCs and directing them to the right state supports.

May 2021 - Irish Innovation in Connected Health, Wellbeing and Ageing

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the key role played by data and digital technologies in connected health, wellbeing and design of age-friendly technologies for community services.

April 2021 - Intellectual Property & Brexit

As Brexit is expected to impact some Intellectual Property Rights, planning and access to supports can help prepare for changes ahead.