Headshot of Kevin O'Connor, Director at BiOrbic Bioeconomy Research Centre
Prof Kevin O’Connor
 +353 1 716 2900

BiOrbic Bioeconomy Research Centre - Dublin

What is BiOrbic

BiOrbic develops sustainable novel processes and products using biobased resources, creating clusters for new industry partnerships and delivering the expertise and trained workforce to translate new technologies into new sustainable products, processes, markets and industries. The Centre collaborates closely with industry across the Agrifood and Marine sectors to convert residues and waste streams created during primary production processes to higher value products (including food/feed ingredients), creating new business opportunities and new value chains, enabling our partners to diversify and increase resource efficiency.

Our partnerships stimulate rural regeneration, curtail environmental damage, extract healthy nutritional supplements, reduce import dependency, and develop human capital.


• Bioeconomy
• Agri-Food
• Marine
• Advanced Materials
• Renewable biological resources
• Biotechnology/Biologics
• Resilient and Resource-Efficient Value Chains
• Rural Renaissance

Research performed by: 

  University College Dublin
  Trinity College Dublin
  University of Limerick
  National University of Ireland Galway

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