Richard Whyte
Design+ Gateway Business Development Engineer
 +353 87 9113103

Design and Applied Design Technology Gateway - Carlow

What is Design+

The Design+ Gateway applies industrial design capabilities for companies from the Engineering, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) & Software and Bio-lifescience sectors. Approaching a product or service with the user in mind is key to successful product development. During the development process, Design+ use end-user insights to make informed decisions that drive strategic and tactical progress. The greater the meaning of the final experience, the greater the authenticity and level of user engagement – regardless of the product, service or system being designed.

This is very important in engaging the user and building a positive experience. Through the analytical evaluation of prototypes, Design+ are enabled to develop the design for assembly and manufacturing making significant savings for a company. Design+ can also introduce the user at this early stage to review interaction and ergonomics and test the fundamental intent of the project – adding valuable insight to a project.


• Engineering: prototype design and scale to manufacture
• ICT & software: integration of user experience and interface design
• Bio lifesciences: product design orientated around end-user needs

Hosted by:

• Institute of Technology Carlow

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