Headshot of Sharon White - Gateway Manager of MET
Sharon White
MET Gateway Manager
 +353 (0)91 742 329

MET Gateway - Medical & Engineering Technology - Galway

What is MET

Based at GMIT’s Galway campus, the Medical and Engineering Technologies (MET) Gateway offers a range of applied technologies relevant to companies in the product engineering and design application phase. These technologies include Medical imaging technologies that allow for companies’ prototypes to be tested under simulated conditions and biomedical engineering technologies, which include the translation of medical data (MRI’s, ultrasounds, etc.) into engineering data and then into clinically endorsed anatomical models with accompanying simulation system. The Gateway personnel offers a unique conduit between medical product engineering and an in-depth knowledge of internal anatomy.

MET has expertise in data analytics and the visualisation of clinical data/the Gateway’s clinical data repository to inform the design of the next generation of medical device prototypes. They also provide services in design verification technologies, such as 3D solid works design, rapid prototyping in 3D printing and 4 axis machining, technical reviews and brainstorming, materials and product testing.


• Medical imaging technologies
• Biomedical engineering technologies and solutions
• Data analytics and visualisation
• Design engineering & verification
• Manufacture

Hosted by:

• Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

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