Headshot of Dr. Paul Connolly - CEO of the Marine Institute
Dr. Paul Connolly
 +353 (0)91 387200

Marine Institute

What is the Marine Institute

The Marine Institute is the state agency responsible for marine RTDI providing a range of scientific, advisory and economic development services. The Marine Institute operates national marine research infrastructures that provide essential platforms for research and early technology development. These include laboratories, two research vessels, oceanographic equipment, as well as supporting a number of test and demonstration platforms. The Marine Institute manages the National Marine Research Programme, which includes Industry-Led awards, Networking & Marine Research Communications grants, funding for access to ship-time, as well as National Infrastructure Access Programme and other targeted project calls.

The Institute supports and promotes marine research at a national and international level, to help researchers build partnerships and successfully compete for EU grant-aid. Services cover a diverse range of areas such as marine bioresources, biodiversity, climate change, shipping services, economics, food safety and fish health, seabed mapping, and data & spatial technologies. 

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