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Director of Technology Transfer
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University of Galway

University Of Galway's Innovation Office has five primary functions which are to:

1. Drive and support pathways that create positive impacts from our university's research, expertise and infrastructure.

2. Work closely with our research community to help track, identify, develop and protect our new inventions and research breakthroughs.

3. Encourage and help entrepreneurs, including our own spin-out companies, through the provision of bespoke supports in our Business Innovation Centre.

4. Lead initiatives and foster partnerships that grow innovation and economic development in our region and beyond.

5. Develop and deploy the knowledge, training, policies, processes and legal frameworks that support our function.

At the heart of the Innovation Office is our Business Innovation Centre (BIC) which is focused on developing, scaling and growing the start-up community on campus, in our city and in our region. The BIC is home to over 35 companies, including university spin-outs.

University Of Galway is a globally focused research-led university.

The purpose of our research and innovation is to benefit humanity, society and the economy. Our people are creative in their thinking and collaborative in their approach. Our place is distinct—a vibrant region on the edge of Europe—connected globally. 

Engaging with our partners locally, nationally and worldwide, we invite ambition in research that underpins the following areas:

Enhancing policy and society;

Enriching creativity and culture;

Improving health and wellbeing;

Realising potential through data and enabling technologies;

Sustaining our planet and people.

We recognise that research areas are neither standalone nor static and that the problems of the world are not solved from just one perspective. With our knowledge of global challenges, national needs and regional requisites our research areas enable an interdisciplinarity approach and impact.  Our research community, whether curiosity-driven or challenge-led, spans the breadth of our academic disciplines and is undertaken at the level of individuals, research clusters and centres, and interdisciplinary flagship research institutes.  For a list of our research groups click here and to find out more about our colleges and schools click here.

The breadth, depth and interdisciplinarity of our expertise, both fundamental and applied, across the sciences, social sciences and humanities is key to our success and ability to drive impact and respond to emerging fields of research. 

Our Research and Innovation Strategy 2021-26 is grounded in the university's values  of respectsustainabilityexcellence, and openness

With this strategy, we set out to maximise research impact, nurture a thriving research community and put in place robust research partnerships locally and globally.


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James Livesey - VP NUIG

Professor Jim Livesey

Vice-President for Research and Innovation

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