Headshot of Prof. Donagh Barry - Director of VistaMilk
Prof Donagh Berry
 + 353 25 42386


What is VistaMilk

VistaMilk will lead the Agri-Food technology sector through innovation and enhanced sustainability across the entire dairy supply chain. While focused on pasture-based dairy production, the advances developed in the Centre will be equally applicable to confinement dairy production and processing systems as well as acting as a catalyst for global growth in the Agri-Tech sector. Through a strategy of highly-interconnected, innovative and ambitious scientific ventures and disciplines, VistaMilk will develop and deploy the scientific solutions and value-creating decision support tools, informed by sophisticated data analytical approaches, to empower the dairy industry in advancing efficiencies across all components of the food chain, and, in doing so, develop a vibrant and dynamic Agri-Tech indigenous industry.


• Agri-Food
• Human health, Animal welfare & Environmental sustainability
• High granularity, real-time sensing technologies in the Agri-Food domain
• Integrated communication technologies
• Advanced multi-level analytics
• Value-creating decision support tools

Research performed by:

• Teagasc
• Dublin City University
• National University of Ireland Galway
• Waterford Institute of Technology
• Tyndall National Institute
• University College Dublin

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