Headshot of James O'Sullivan - WIT Technology Transfer Manager
James O'Sullivan
Head of Innovation and Commercialisation
 +353 (0)51 845592

SETU Waterford

The mission of the Technology Transfer Office in SETU Waterford is to foster an innovative culture within the Institute through the promotion of successful commercial engagements with external entities through a professionalised service offering.

SETU Waterford is committed to providing a research and development environment to support industry in the South East Region and throughout Ireland. The impressive scale of R&D operations in Waterford Institute of Technology allows for the efficient collaboration across industrial sectors including ICT, life sciences, advanced manufacturing and services, with diverse organisations from multinationals to SMEs and entrepreneurs driving the development of the knowledge economy across Ireland.

Peter McLoughlin-WIT

Waterford Institute of Technology’s research vision is to drive regional economic development through our global reputation for research and innovation excellence. The Technology Transfer Office is driving the realisation of this vision through its innovation and industry engagement model. Since the Technology Transfer Office was established, it has successfully managed the transfer of IP both existing and spin-out companies directly linked to around 200 regional jobs. Most importantly, it has helped to transform the academic research community through integrated research, innovation and economic models that prioritise industry engagement in each cycle of the research activity.

Dr. Peter McLoughlin, Head of Research, Innovation and graduate studies 

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