Trinity College Dublin & CO2Logic

Consultancy – Trinity College Dublin & CO2Logic


Lead Researcher:

Dr. Séamus O’Shaughnessy


CO2Logic is a Belgian carbon-offsetting company that focuses on developing-world contexts. Their work ties in with the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies of companies to make a positive impact on the environment and sustainable international development projects. Their clients include companies such as IKEA, Axa Insurance, and UCB Pharma.


In 2018, CO2Logic sought out Dr Séamus O’Shaughnessy from Trinity College Dublin to act as a consultant for their efficient cookstove project in the North of Benin, Africa. CO2Logic had partnered with local company, EcoBenin, in developing and distributing the Wanrou cookstove – a fixed mud stove with separate air and wood supply, a grate and chimney. CO2Logic wished to explore the possibility of also generating electricity from the heat produced by these cooking stoves, with the goal of providing improved access to technology in remote, off-grid communities. Based on Dr O’Shaughnessy’s well-publicised experience in the field, the company tasked him with adapting and manufacturing the a thermal electricity-generating device for installation into the cookstoves, and advising on how best the field trial should be carried out. As part of the project, Dr O’Shaughnessy travelled to Benin to investigate how the technology was working and the possibility that the electricity generated from the heat from the stoves could be applied to charge a mobile phone. Dr O’Shaughnessy successfully completed these tasks.


Support from the TTO at TCD was an integral part of this project, with the office providing advice on how best to manage the consultancy engagement and supporting the negotiation of a contract to ensure fair and reasonable terms. The TTO also liaised with the company on behalf of the academic to manage invoicing and payment.


This consultancy project has allowed Dr O’Shaughnessy to develop connections and networks that may lead to broader collaborative research projects, exploring similar challenges in sustainable international development in different regions. The consultancy work has provided significant experience for Dr O’Shaughnessy that can now be applied to more expansive and potentially more impactful research projects for Trinity College Dublin.