University College Dublin & Equal1Labs

Spin-out Company – Equal1 Labs & UCD


Academic Founders:

Professor R. Bogdan Staszewski, Dr Dirk Leipold (USA based), Mike Asker (USA based)


Equal1 Labs is the world’s first quantum computing hardware start-up that is developing a new type of quantum computer based on the latest advances in semiconductor CMOS technology.  Equal1 Labs was founded by UCD Professor R. Bogdan Staszewski with US based co-founders, Dr Dirk Leipold and Mike Asker, and is a spin-out from the UCD School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  It currently employs 5 full time and 6 part time staff and the company has recruited a number of UCD graduates.

Quantum computers will realise unprecedented capabilities when it comes to simulating complex systems and are expected to significantly disrupt medical and scientific research as well as the financial and complex logistics industries. Unlike current quantum computers which require very high costs to operate at the extremely low temperature of 15mK, the Equal1 Quantum Processing Unit can operate at higher temperatures which significantly reduces its size and cost by a factor of 10. 

In 2018/19 Equal1 Labs realised a number of significant achievements that included most notably the design, fabrication and testing of an initial alpha prototype chip and a second chip which has led to commencing the design of the third prototype chip.

It has acquired Enterprise Ireland high potential start-up (HPSU) status and secured significant seed investment from Atlantic Bridge through the University Bridge Fund; it has established the company’s HQ at NovaUCD, with a base in the US, and in Summer 2019 the cryogenic operation of the quantum processor was confirmed and progression towards a full quantum computer build is underway.

The creation of Equal1 Labs has positioned UCD to become a national and global hub for Quantum Computing with UCD having hosted Ireland’s first industry focused Quantum Computing event in March 2019. 

It has enabled UCD to partner with IBM, Maynooth University, Tyndall National Institute, Rockley Photonics and Mastercard in an application for €6 million under the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund (DTIF). Equal1 Labs also continues to build partnerships with UCD as well as with other academics and industries worldwide and is actively seeking Series A funding to realise a full quantum computer build.

NovaUCD, the UCD TTO, has worked with Equal1 Labs to support its formation and development.  This included generating documentation to enable the combination of intellectual property generated in UCD with patents filed by the US team into a single legal entity. The UCD TTO managed the complex process of delivering all of the intellectual property documentation and licensing arrangements.


Underpinning Funding Sources Include:

Science Foundation Ireland Research Professorship Programme