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May 2021 - Irish Innovation in Connected Health, Wellbeing and Ageing

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the key role played by data and digital technologies in connected health, wellbeing and design of age-friendly technologies for community services.

April 2021 - Intellectual Property & Brexit

As Brexit is expected to impact some Intellectual Property Rights, planning and access to supports can help prepare for changes ahead.

March 2021 - Licensing Agreements

Licensing agreements from an Irish Research Performing Organisation can become a key asset for your business.

February 2021 - Tackling Climate Change with Irish Research

R&D plays a key role in Ireland’s response to climate change. Green businesses can access this relevant expertise from within the Irish research system and potential State funding supports.

January 2021 - Developing an Effective IP Strategy

A proactive IP strategy is essential for creating a high-growth business & can form an integral part of any company’s business development strategy.