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December 2020 - Year in Review

2020 posed extraordinary and unprecedented challenges to industry and the research sector alike. Developments over the past twelve months were reviewed and we saw how the Irish knowledge transfer system responded.

November 2020 - Protecting Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are widely used across businesses and research organisations and with so many people working remotely it is important to ensure secure systems are in place to protect trade secrets.

October 2020 - Leveraging AI Expertise

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly emerging as one the most important and transformative technologies of our time. We looked at how Irish businesses can engage to apply AI and machine learning to their industries.

September 2020 - Research Collaboration – Why do companies make the choices they do?

How Irish MNCs and SMEs choose their research partners, the decision-making processes around committing to projects and how the value of the relationship with the research institution is assessed.

August 2020 - Practical Application of Knowledge Transfer through Technology Gateways

There are many opportunities available through Ireland’s network of R&D Centres of Excellence (Technology Gateways). The network provides services and supports across a range of technologies to Irish companies from start...