KTI Award Finalists 2016

Details of the finalists shortlisted for the KTI Awards 2016 and their projects or initiatives can be found in our
KTI Awards Booklet 2016.

Research2Business Collaborative Impact Award

  • University College Cork collaborating with Statistical Solutions - Dr Brian O'Flaherty
  • University of Limerick collaborating with Stryker Ireland - Dr Eamonn de Barra
  • Waterford Institute of Technology collaborating with Boston Scientific, Schivo and Lisnabrin - Dr Ramesh Raghavendra
Consultancy Impact Award

  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the HSE National Clinical Programme for Surgery - Prof Frank Keane and Mr Ken Mealy
  • Trinity College Dublin and Monford AG Systems - Prof Mike Jones, Dr Jake Byrne, Dr Hitesh Tewari, Dr Matt Saunders
  • University College Dublin and Hao2 - Prof Lizabeth Goodman 

Licence2Market Impact Award

  • Trinity College Dublin - Graphene Licences to Thomas Swan
  • University College Cork - Probiotic Strain Licence to Alimentary Health Ltd
  • University College Dublin - Multipath Technology Licence to Bio-Medical Research Ltd 

Spin-out Company Impact Award

  • AventaMed DAC - Cork Institute of Technology (Academic Founders: John Vaughan and Olive O'Driscoll)
  • Kastus Technology Ltd - Dublin Institute of Technology (Academic Founder: Dr Brendan Duffy)  
  • SurgaColl Technologies Ltd - Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (Academic Founder: Prof Fergal O'Brien) 

Mature Spin-out Company Impact Award

  • Logentries - University College Dublin (Academic Founders: Dr Trevor Parsons and Dr Viliam Houm)
  • Powervation - University of Limerick (Academic Founders: Dr Karl Rinne) 
  • Swrve - Trinity College Dublin (Academic Founder: Dr Steve Collins) 

Knowledge Transfer Initiative of the Year Impact Award

  • Maynooth University - Knowledge Transfer Maturity Framework
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - Building a Knowledge Transfer Culture
  • Trinity College Dublin - Innovation Model for New Ventures 

Knowledge Transfer Special Achievers Award
This category will be announced at the awards ceremony on 23rd June rather than by shortlist.